Studied with Bob Andressi at the house of guitars in Rochester from the age of 6 to 8.
Studied at Eastman School of Music with John beck from 9 to 18.
Graduated from L.A. Music Academy in 2003 - (Studied with Ralph Humphrey, Joe Pocaro, Tony Anzelaco, Sherman Furguson, Mike Shapiro, Dave Byer and Mike Packer.

Besides playing drums which is my main instrument, I got into playing bass and guitar at 16. There were times when there were no other musicians around to jam with so I started playing other instruments by ear including piano (Richard Tee influence) I recorded bass tracks for a Long Island Band, John Doe, at age 15.I also play percussion along side my Dad, Steve Gadd, at various Live Performances.

PERFORMANCE and RECORDINGS:Age 9 - Played percussion for Paul Simon in Budapest, Prauge and Czech Republic
Age 9 - Played percussion with Chuck Mangione and his orchestra.
From - 2005 to 2008 I put a band together called Soul Cloud. I wrote the music and Noelle Furlong wrote the lyrics.
2006 - Recorded with Joe Brucato in LA
2007 - Recorded with Brian Welch (guitar player for Korn)
2009 - Venice Beach, Ca - Started another band with my original music. Anothony Alvarez wrote the lyrics, Vini Mauger and Thomas Kosko add their flavor to the mix and formed the still currant band "Trees.
2009-2013 - Performed with Carole Pellatt & Boneyard with Dom Moio on drums, Duke Gadd on drums, Andrew Schiller on Bass

2012- Joined the band "Mikarimba" in NYC with band members Mika Stoltzman, Richard Stoltzman, Eddie Gomez, John Tropea and Steve Gadd.
2013 - Performed Carnegie Hall, NYC with "Mikarimba"- Mika Stoltzman, Richard Stoltzman, Chick Corea, Gayle Moran Corea: Vocals, Harlem String Quartet, David Finck: Bass. Duke Gadd: Drums, David Pihl: Piano, Bill Cahn: Percussion
2013 - Recorded with "Mikarimba" and was given the honor to write a piece called "The Last Mojitos" on the "If You Believe" album. Also did the Japan tour and will be returning with them Oct. 2014.
2013 - New York City - Performed with The Steve Marshall Band and his Deputies.
2014 - Recorded a percussion track for John Tropea and his band of New York's finest players.
2014 - Recorded for Rey Reandeau at Chaton studio in Arizona
Recorded back up vocal tracks on Edie Brickell's New album not yet released.
September 6, 2014 - Performing at M.I.M in Phoenix, AZ with the Alien Blakk
October 2014- Mikarimba Japan Tour - drums and percussion


2014 - Recorded with John Tropea - Hip to Hip - Gotcha Rythm Righ Here CD

February 2015 - Michael Landau Group - Baked Potato, LA - Drums
2015 to Present - Gus Campbell Band 
2013-2016 Stage Technician James Taylor Tour

I also currently teach private lessons and summer camps at the Long Island Drum Center NYC as well as teach private lessons in Phoenix, Arizona. (Call for dates and pricing)